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Although concrete by nature is fireproof, a complete fire abatement systems design starts in the earliest stages of a project as many construction materials that mate to the concrete are not. To obtain the required fire resistance rating and meet the applicable building codes, our products like fire barrier coatings, fire resistant insulation, fire-resistant silicone sealants, and fire-resistant accessories will keep you in compliance.

We offer cast in place concrete fireproofing devices for metal or plastic piping that is installed by attaching directly to the form before a concrete slab is poured. Mechanical, electrical or plumbing penetrants can then be routed through the device after the slab is cured and forms are removed.

National Concrete Accessories also carries fire proofing moldable putty pads that are ideal to create a fire barrier in electrical boxes as the product can be molded by hand to fill, seal or repair structural gaps.

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