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Concrete waterproofing is a fundamental need for any building to protect its foundation even in the event of a foundation crack. National Concrete Accessories supplies a wide range of waterproofing concrete options. Whether you are waterproofing a joint or a foundation, we have what you will need to protect the structure from moisture infiltration.

Waterproof concrete membranes are either fluid applied or sheet applied. The membranes are flexible enough to stretch with the structure and will bridge small cracks that may happen after application to ensure the waterproof attributes of the building. When using these membranes, it is important to protect them from being damaged during construction, so the use of protection board is recommended. In addition to waterproof membranes, drainage boards can be affixed to the side of a structure, to ensure that any water that penetrates below the surface is effectively directed to a drainage outlet.

Where two separate concrete slabs meet, joint waterproofing products are needed to prevent leaks. The products for this application come as a PVC waterstop or a swelling waterstop. PVC waterstops are used in the initial build and are applied in the joint between two vertical sections. PVC waterstops come in different widths and rib designs to ensure a good seal and to provide proper drainage away from the interior of the structure. Swelling waterstop is used for both new construction and in restoration projects as it can be installed into smaller areas that PVC waterstop will not fit. These waterstops swell as soon as water touches it, causing it to expand and fill the gap between the joint to not allow water to penetrate into the joint further.

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