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Concrete chemicals come in powder or liquid form, which are used in all phases of concrete construction and throughout the life span of the project.

During new construction concrete admixes can be mixed into the concrete slurry to alter the workability during the pour and performance of the cured concrete. Once the concrete is poured, chemicals can be utilized to control the curing process, harden the concrete or provide a water repellent. Grouts are a chemical that is commonly used for final finishing or fixture fitting on concrete projects.

Often wear from the environment, heavy usage or a desire for a renovation will require concrete repair products. Concrete restoration and refurbishment chemicals like concrete repair epoxy, mortars, primers, concrete adhesive and self-leveling products allow you to repurpose a concrete surface or renew a worn project.

Whether the project is new, old or recently restored; National Concrete Accessories offers a full line of concrete protectors and cleaners. Concrete sealers are a common method of concrete protection and we offer several finishes which can enhance the look of your project.

National Concrete Accessories carries most major brands of concrete chemicals that offer the best performance and value. We can help you make the right choice of chemical for your projects specific needs.

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