Concrete cracks, chips and flaking can quickly lead to further deterioration of the concrete surface, resulting in a larger more costly replacement project if not properly addressed. An inherent benefit of concrete is that in most cases, it can be repaired rather than replaced entirely. National Concrete Accessories supports the most trusted brands of engineered restoration & refurbishment products for all types of projects.

The type and location of the damage will require different restoration chemicals that vary in viscosity and repair thicknesses. As an example, small foundation cracks may only require a simple epoxy concrete repair, while repairing concrete sewer pipe may require engineered hydraulic cement. Special requirements may also require the repair mix to have reinforcing fibers, or corrosion inhibitors, all of which we have under one roof.

National Concrete Accessories has all your needs covered for any type of concrete restoration or refurbishment project with our complete line of concrete repair products such as concrete repair epoxy, repair mortars, patching compounds, and self-levelling concrete mixtures.

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