People often overlook the importance of maintaining concrete and using a proper concrete sealer. Once a project has been completed, and the concrete has cured, it is important to protect your investment by cleaning the surface with safe solutions and sealing it with high-quality concrete sealers or epoxy coating.

Concrete Sealers

National Concrete Accessories offers protective concrete sealers ranging from high gloss, for that shiny wet look, to penetrating options that protect with no gloss. Our concrete sealing selection is available in solvent-based formulas for exterior applications and water-based for interior applications to ensure the applicator’s safety.

Concrete Protection

Epoxy coatings for floors create a low-maintenance and waterproof covering that is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Epoxies provide a protection layer on top of concrete to prevent damage, lengthening the life span of concrete. Epoxy is inherently self-levelling, so it will smooth out any minor inconsistencies without the need for repair.

Concrete Cleaning

Cleaning your concrete requires products specifically developed for concrete. Our citrus-based cleaners are safe for any kind of concrete, including coloured decorative concrete, as well as the surrounding environment. We also offer a spot treatment cleaner for oil and grease stains on concrete.

National Concrete Accessories offers high quality and premium brand products - designed with you in mind. Explore our diverse selection of sealing and cleaning concrete protectors below: 

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