New concrete construction can utilize many different types of concrete chemicals to enhance the concretes workability, performance and finish. National Concrete Accessories supplies a full line of concrete chemicals, from the most trusted brands, starting with concrete admixture products that are utilized in the earliest stages of a project, to the grouts and epoxy coatings that allow you to perform final fit and finish.

National Concrete Accessories offers an extensive line of concrete chemicals that enhance the workability of the concrete during pouring and curing like hydrators, alkalinity controllers and curing agents. Chemicals like densifiers, corrosion inhibitors and hardeners can also enhance the durability and performance of concrete. Grout is a common chemical that comes in many variations that are purpose engineered for use in a wide range of applications to complete the project.

Epoxy coatings are often used in new industrial, commercial and residential concrete floor projects to provide enhanced durability, chemical resistance, surface traction, reduced maintenance cost and for cosmetic purposes.

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