Concrete Forming


Precast concrete construction is seen everywhere you go. These products are found along highways, in parking lots, and also make up our sewer systems. It is important that the items are transported and installed correctly to maintain the integrity of these products.

Precast concrete products are made in custom precast molds that are reusable and then transported to the construction site by precast concrete companies. The mold design is similar to reusable modular forming but because they are cast in a plant rather than the site, there are many unique products related to transportation and installation of these items. Precast concrete manufactures require different lifting and connection devices depending on the intended use and size of the precast piece.

National Concrete Accessories carries a full line of inserts that can be used to lift and connect precast products in a modular fashion, in addition to threaded inserts that are used to connect fixtures to the panels. As precast products are extremely heavy the quality and strength of the inserts are critical to safety of the finished product.

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