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Decorative concrete is quickly gaining momentum because of the wide range of colours and finishing options available. From a smooth trowel finish to a stone pattern, the versatility is endless. The transformation of traditional concrete into decorative concrete is achieved through the use of a variety of materials that may be added to the mix, applied immediately after the pour or after the concrete is cured. Decorative concrete requires very little maintenance and when installed and cared for properly, will last a lifetime.

Your choice of which colouring method to use with your concrete with will depend on your desired visual appearance. Integral colour and colour hardeners come as a powder that mix into wet concrete They produce a consistent, opaque colour, that will last many years. Stains and dyes are in liquid form and are applied after the concrete has hardened, giving a varied translucent or opaque vibrant colour.

Stamping is an efficient way to give your concrete an appealing uniform pattern or texture. With the proper specialty tools that are designed to complement concrete stamps, you can achieve a custom look with little effort.

Resurfacing concrete is an easy and cost effective way to add value to any property. This can be accomplished with a simple cosmetic overlay that can be applied as a skim coat to provide a fresh smooth finish, or it can be applied thick enough to allow a texture to be stamped.

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