Decorative Concrete


When it comes to giving your concrete a distinctive look, you have many options. Integral colour powders and colour hardener powders mix directly into wet concrete, and stains and dyes are a liquid that are applied after the concrete has hardened.

Integral colour is easy to use by just pouring it into the mixer, and has the widest range of colours to select from. It is a good choice for any decorative job, because if a chip should occur, it won’t be quite so noticeable, because the colour is throughout the entire slab or overlay.

Colour hardener is thrown onto the slab after it has been poured and then blended in by hand. The largest benefit is that it hardens the top of your concrete to make it more resistant to chipping. Colour hardener comes in a wide array of colours to suit any design concept.

When staining concrete, you have an option of either acid or water based. Because acid stain causes a chemical reaction with the concrete, the colour selection is limited, but gives a very unique and interesting modeled finish. Water based stains do not react with the concrete, but contain pigments that penetrate into the surface, and provides a more consistent colour than acid based stains. Water based stains come in a large selection of colours, and can have water or another colour added to achieve a custom colour.

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