Decorative Concrete


National Concrete Accessories supplies a full range of powder and liquid chemicals to enhance your decorative concrete. These chemicals can be used on either a new surface, or for beautifying existing concrete with decorative overlays.

When using a decorative overlay, it is imperative to properly prepare the existing concrete surface to ensure a long lasting, durable finish. The first step is to clean the surface with one of our cleaners, before you apply the appropriate bonding primer. If the surface is not properly prepared, an overlay is susceptible to cracking and delamination.

Release agents, available in powder or liquid form, are important to act as a bond breaker which ensures that the decorative stamps can be removed from the concrete without causing any damage to the pattern. Release powders are available to give your stamped concrete the highly desired antiqued appearance, as they add depth to the colour. Release powders come in many different colours that can be coordinated with your base colour to tailor the look to your preferences. If you prefer to have a consistent colour without the aged appearance, we also offer clear liquid releases that will act only as a bond breaker between your fresh concrete and the stamp.

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