Decorative Concrete


Decorative overlays are designed to restore existing, structurally sound concrete. We carry a line of versatile and hardwearing horizontal and vertical overlays that can be applied in a variety of viscosities. With these mixtures, you can create stunning walkways and driveways, or even retaining walls, without the hassle of laying out stone work.

Thin overlays are produced with fine aggregate that enable it to be fluid applied through a spray gun, or skim coated over a flat horizontal concrete surface. Stampable overlays are applied in a thicker consistency, and at a greater depth to be able to hold the shape of the stamp. Vertical wall overlays have a higher viscosity in order to hold on to the wall and they can be applied in varying thicknesses, depending on if you are stamping or just skim coating.

We also offer polymer modified mixtures that can used to create one of a kind concrete countertops, and beautiful wood look park benches, that are sure to garner attention.

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