Decorative Concrete


When deciding to stamp concrete with a decorative texture, there are many reusable patterns and textures to choose from. These range from a heavy cobble stone, to a smooth slate pattern, and are available in both seamless and tiled designs. We also stock a variety of form liners that are designed to apply texture for vertical applications during the pour.

Seamless mats are for areas where no grout lines are desired, or if you want to create a custom stone pattern. They range in size from 18” square, to 48” square, and can be stamped any way you want. Since there are no lines to follow, the design is up to your imagination.

Tiled mats have grout lines that give a paver stone or flagstone appearance. They are designed to be used in sets of 3 stamps of the same size and dimensions to connect together like a puzzle. Each of the 3 mats has its own unique pattern which results in a natural variation appearance.

Form liners are a great and easy way to add texture to any vertical surface. Whether pouring a new set of stairs, or building a retaining wall, there are many patterns and sizes to select from.

We also offer a full line of stencils, molds and specialty mats to create decorative inlays like compasses.

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