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National Concrete Accessories provides various concrete fastening systems for joining various materials to concrete like nails, screws, nuts & bolts and concrete anchors. Concrete fasteners like concrete screws are often the most cost effective method for attaching windows and doors, conduit clamps, electrical boxes and many more applications to concrete. Concrete drop in or wedge anchors are used when a higher maximum load capacity is required. Nails come is a wide variety of types, lengths and finishes to suit all your concrete forming and construction needs.

Concrete anchors or concrete screws act as great concrete wall anchors and are designed to hold most materials to a concrete wall and should be selected based upon the load. To install either product, a hole is drilled with the appropriate size ANSI certified drill bit and then placed into the concrete. For heavier loads, you have the selection between a drop in anchor for medium loads or wedge anchor for the heaviest loads. Both anchors weight capacities are based upon the rod or bolt being fully threaded and engaged into the anchor. The use of anchoring epoxy can be utilized with certain anchors to increase the load ratings.

We offer of many sizes, styles, and finishes of nails and screws that meet or exceed ASTM standards for all types of construction projects.

No matter what your situation, National Concrete Accessories has a concrete fastener system that will meet your needs.

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