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National Concrete Accessories provides nail solutions for any construction projects. We supply varying styles, sizes and finishes within our lines. All of our nails meets or exceeds all ASTM standards to ensure that your project is not slowed down by inferior quality.

Our selection includes a variety of finishes, including bright, galvanized, or coated. Bright or bare nails are commonly used for temporary forming and framing situations or for interior applications due to their susceptibility to corrosion. Galvanized nails are best for long term exterior usage as the galvanized coating is resistant to heat and moisture, to prevent corrosion. Coated nails reduce friction during penetration, allowing them to enter faster and saving time lost with each hammer swing.

We supply all types of nails including common, spiral, duplex and masonry which are more popular styles for our customers. The usage varies based on the application needs and on installer preference in many cases. Common and spiral nails are available in different finishes based upon the usage environment and are typically used in framing and forming work. Duplex nails are formed with a second head for easy extraction and are used primarily for concrete forming are only available in bright finish due to their temporary nature.

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