Fastening & Attachment


National Concrete Accessories carries an assortment of general and specialty tapes. General tapes are common types of fastening tapes that are used for most applications, like masking tape and duct tape. Our specialty tapes include products like sheathing tape and membrane tape that compliment specific engineered products.

Masking tape is an essential product for many work environments. Its special adhesive is relatively low tack, thus making it easy to remove without leaving residue, but also sticks to most smooth surfaces. Duct tape is one of the most versatile tapes on the market. In combination with its high tack qualities and its durable woven polyethylene coating, it works great for temporary repairs in non-critical or non-load bearing applications.

Membrane tapes are specially formulated to work in conjunction with protective foundation membranes to maintain the building envelope seal, even at the sheeting joints. They can be also be applied at the tops and bottoms of the membranes to seal the edges to the concrete structure, due to their high tack nature.

Sheathing tape is formulated with a pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is used as a closure system and vapor barrier on all interior and exterior sheathing. Because it is resistant to UV rays, it holds up in exterior applications.

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