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Covers and blankets are a common need at any jobsite where ideal weather conditions cannot be guaranteed and National Concrete Accessories stocks a full offering of tarps, insulated blankets and concrete curing blankets.

We have woven polyethylene blankets for maximum insulation when curing concrete, hoarding, preventing ground thaw or even protecting your tools and materials from freezing. These blankets are lightweight and flexible and lay flat in sub-zero temperatures.

When working in warm, dry or windy environments, concrete curing blankets are a great solution to help keep the concrete from prematurely curing. These moisture retaining blankets reduce labor cost as they eliminate the need to constantly wet the concrete and ensure a great finished product by eliminating improper curing or unwanted debris marks.

We have tarps for year round construction and industrial applications providing protection for workers and construction equipment; they are ideal for enclosing or as protective covering when working outside. Once the work moves to the interior, we carry cardboard and plastic floor coverings to protect new or delicate flooring from traffic, chemicals, mud, dust and falling debris. Clear sheets of polyethylene provide great temporary vertical or overhead barriers to protect wall finishes or to simply prevent the smells and dust of construction moving into occupied parts of a building.

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