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National Concrete Accessories offers an extensive line of construction safety gear for your protection with a wide range of safety products to cover your protective needs. Construction safety products like fall protection, protective eyewear, noise control product, respirators, high visibility safety wear, gloves and hard hats are mandatory at most worksites and we carry it all from the most trusted construction safety suppliers.

Our construction safety equipment are designed to provide protection and peace of mind so you can focus on the task at hand. We have strong understanding of regulatory compliance and are here to help with your questions on construction safety involving CSA (Canadian Standards Association), OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), ANSI (American National Standards Institute), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

In the fall protection area, we stock harnesses, lanyards and anchors, which are the fundamental needs for fall protection. We offer a range of harnesses that provide attachment, sizing and adjustment options to provide a comfortable fit and maximum safety. Lanyards are perhaps the most common method of tethering to an anchorage connector and we offer several styles and lengths to ensure proper performance in the event of a fall. Even the best harness and lanyards are of no value if they are not properly anchored and we carry anchors that will securely attach in any work environment.

Personal safety products like ear, eye and lung protection are critical construction safety supplies, but the rest of the body should not be forgotten. This is why National Concrete Accessories carries a full line of hard hats, face shields, high visibility work wear, knee pads and gloves.

Any site manager knows that safety goes beyond the workforce so we have all the “Caution" and "Danger" signage and tape varieties you need to properly warn civilians of possible hazard.

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