7 Steps on how to repair concrete stairs



After some time, concrete steps can often develop cracks or chips, especially on the tread areas that get the most use. Damage to stairs can be unsafe, so that’s why it’s important to make repairs before the damage gets too large and expensive to fix. Below we've listed 7 steps on how to repair concrete stairs safely and easily.


1. Identify the affected area and remove any loose concrete using a hammer or chisel


2. If there is reinforcing exposed, use a wire brush to remove any visible rust and clean the area


3. Thoroughly wet the substrate of the repair area with water and wipe away excess with a sponge


4. Allow the surface to dry and apply a bonding primer (if recommended)


5. Mix the repair mortar as directed by the manufacturer


6. Firmly press the mortar into the repair area, profile the surface and finish with a trowel – Note: If the depth of the repair exceeds the recommended maximum thickness of the product, use two layers but allow the first to cure before proceeding with the second layer


7. Protect the repair area from frost, wind, rain, and sun until fully cured


If the repair is vertical use, a mortar suitable for vertical application because the product may slump. Always follow the manufacturer's written instructions when applying materials.


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