10 Oz Flo-Rok Cartridge


UCAN FLO-ROK FR5 MAX is a styrene free epoxy acrylate adhesive that incorporates the latest technology in adhesive anchoring. The unique properties of the two component, high strength anchoring adhesive provide stress free fastening and minimal shrinkage. FR5 MAX is an excellent choice for anchoring & dowelling and is ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures from -20 degrees C to over 30 degrees C. A matching static mixing nozzle, as well as FLO-ROK's low mix ratio sensitivity, ensures thorough, 10:1 mixing of the resin and the hardener. FR5 MAX is available in 3 sizes - 10 oz., 12 oz. and a jumbo 28 oz. cartridge perfect for high volume applications such as rebar dowelling.
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