Wheelbarrow - 6 Cu.Ft.

Sinclair Erie

Rim reinforced with steel rod adds years of life by resisting torque strain. Seamless tray attached with clips, no bolts to catch dirt and no holes to cause leakage. Channel steel formed legs and tray braces. Wrap around nose iron for years of added wear.Tray floats on dual cross braces.

  • 6 cu ft. Heavy Duty pour nose Steel Tray
  • Reinforced Rim edge with 5/16 rod adds considerable rigidity
  • 64” premium hardwood handles
  • ¾” Axle with heavy duty roller bearing
  • Steel rim with 4 ply Pneumatic Tire
  • Heavy duty Undercarriage
  • Canada’s #1 Contractor Wheelbarrow
  • 2 year limited warranty
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