24" Cam Gauge Rake Frame, 66" Yellow Alum Handle

Seymour Midwest

A patented "goof-proof" tool which applies a range of materials at a precise, specified, and uniform depth. For use in applying decorative concrete "toppings", self leveling/high performance floor coating materials, and underlayments in the floor-covering markets. CAM depth settings range from 1/32" to 1-1/2". A must-have tool for the decorative concrete an dfloor coating contractor. The CAM Gauge Rake is comprised of an aluminum frame that comes with either a threaded handle adapter or a powder-coated aluminum handle. When one contact point wears down, simply loosen the wing nut and rotate the CAM to a fresh contact point. We use a radial-edge design which maintains uniform coating thickness, even at varying handle angles and lengths.
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