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Quicklok Locking Bar (K100/KS100)

ACO Canada

ACO Systems QuickLok bolt less locking system. Comprised of a glass nylon stud, factory fitted to the grating, which allows a snap fit into a stainless steel spring clip in the locking bar. With no loose bolts or bars, QuickLok provides highly secure bolt less locking, that is easy to remove / replace for maintenance and cleaning. Saves time and money during installation.

  1. Locate lock in bar in wall recesses by rotating clockwise.
  2. Use a hammer to tap bar home, so that serated ends grip in recess.
  3. To install grate, align QuickLok pin directly over locking bar.
  4. Push down or stand on grate until it snaps into place.
  5. To remove grate, insert locking tool hook between slots and pull grate upwards, to snap free.
  6. To remove bar, insert screwdriver into hole at end of bar and lever back serrated end, rotate bar free.
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