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CGSB 6 MIL 20'X100'


Polyethylene Vapour Barrier. Prevent the potential problems of trapped moisture, including wood decay and mold growth, with a properly installed vapor barrier. Polyethylene vapour barriers are suitable for use in the interior of below grade building construction, above-grade building construction, under concrete, ground cover, and many other applications.

Suitable for use in controlling the diffusion of water vapour in building construction and required for:

  • Above-grade building construction
  • Interior of below grade building construction
  • Under (concrete) slabs
  • Ground cover
  • Wall and ceiling vapour barrier
  • Below concrete slab
  • Foundation damp proofing
  • Crawl space damp proofing
  • Sill Poly
  • Plate Poly
  • Eave protection Poly
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