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SPECTRUM 910 "Cherry Blast" Liquid Stamp Release is a blend of natural and synthetic chemicals that provides quick, easy and clean release of polyurethane stamping mats and texturing tools from concrete surfaces. Working with Spectrum 910 Liquid Stamp Release is more tolerable to applicators, due to the refreshing "cherry blast" scent that accompanies its application. "Cherry Blast" Liquid Release is a clear and non-staining liquid used where powder releases may cause staining to adjacent surfaces, or where no secondary colour is required. ?Cherry Blast" Liquid Release is applied to the concrete surface and textured mats immediately before stamping. It offers the ability to re-float previously stamped areas where a blemish may have occurred during the stamping process.

  • Ensures that safe and efficient release of concrete from decorative concrete tools. Minimizes the wear and tear to decorative concrete tools.
  • It is a clear liquid and will not affect the final appearance of a concrete project.
  • Provides a release option from projects where use of a powder release is not required
  • Can also be used in combination with Spectrum 930 Patina Acid Stain and various sealers from W.R. Meadows
  • Allows for the surface with release to be reworked if needed,-simply trowel the surface smooth, re-apply Liquid Release and re-stamp.

Liquid Stamp Release is ideal for use on fresh concrete surfaces, particularly where a powder release may cause damage to adjacent surfaces, or where no secondary color is required. It can be used on polyurethane, metal, fiberglass and rubber decorative concrete tools for the efficient and clean release from the fresh concrete surface.

  • Available in 20L units (5 U.S. gallons)
  • Coverage: 6.14 to 8.6 sq.meters/L (250-350 sq.feet/Gal)

Surface Preparation
Clean existing debris from all stamping tools. Ensure that the concrete is sufficient set, and that all bleed water has dissipated from the surface to be worked on. The concrete surface should also be at a stage where it is able to support the load of workers, as well as any tools that are required.


Liberally apply Liquid Stamp Release by commercial sprayer to the decorative concrete tools and to the concrete surface. Ensure that the surface is uniformly covered for proper release of the decorative concrete tools. Stamp release should not be applied too far in advance, as evaporation of the product may occur, causing a less than clean release of stamping tools.

Note:  Liquid Stamp Release should be applied in a clean, even mist in order to prevent spotting. Place the decorative concrete texture or stamping mats over the area that has been covered with the Liquid Stamp Release. Using an impact tool, ensure that the concrete surface is adequately stamped for depth and texture. Remove the decorative concrete texture mats from the concrete surface. Allow the concrete to set for a minimum of 24 hours.

Seal the concrete surface using Decra-Seal or Decra-Seal W/B from W.R. Meadows. If there is a concern that the surface may be slippery when wet, use Deck-O-Grip or apply Sure-Foot from W.R. Meadows  in the final coat of sealer applied to the concrete surface.

Clean up
Application equipment should be cleaned promptly after use with petroleum spirits, Xylene or Toluene.

Use Liquid Stamp Release in an adequately ventilated area. It is recommended that a painter's mask or a personal respirator be worn during the sprayer application. Combustible liquid. Keep away from ignition sources.

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If skin contact occurs, wash affected area immediately with soap and water. Flash Point being 48º C (118º F)

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