5" x .375 x 7/8" - 5/8"; PRO V-Shaped Crack Chaser


Customers are quickly finding the benefits of the Lackmond V-shaped crack chaser. Evidenced by its name, the blade is manufactured with an inverted "V" shaped segment. The "V-shaped" is most commonly used on a 4" and 7" right angle grinder. The tapered "V" blade is designed to prevent further widespread cracking of concrete. The segment fits into a crack nicely and opens up the area with uniform edging. Cracks can then be filed to prevent further damage of the concrete. A V-Shaped Crack Chaser is most often used dry.

  • Concrete expansion joint removal caulk cutting blade
  • Cutting expansion joint in concrete, sidewalk expansion joint, stucco expansion joint, concrete slab expansion joint, concrete expansion joint, material pool expansion joint, floor expansion joint, concrete expansion joint
  • Dry cut, V-shaped
  • Size: 5" x 0.375"
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