CS Pro-Fit Black Rundle Alpine

Canadian Stone Industries

Pro-Fit Alpine Ledge-stone provides a rustic outdoor look that's easy to install. This precise, rugged Ledge-stone texture provides color and shadow creation for a variety of design opportunities.

Stone module sizes: 4" x 8"-20"

Cultured Stoneª brand products are intended for interior or exterior nonstructural use as a lightweight veneer facing on masonry, metal framed, or wood framed construction for architectural aesthetics. Products are created by master craftsmen who select the best textures, sizes and shapes from natural stones. These products are suitable for use on residential and commercial projects of many types. Cultured Stoneª brand products are produced in preselected sizes and shapes. No additional foundation or structural support is required. Installation is quick and easy, and costs far less than a full thickness natural stone wall.

Cultured Stoneª brand products are cast in molds using a unique process that replicates existing colors and textures with meticulous detail. Each color and texture has its own blend of ingredients, including Portland cement, lightweight aggregates and iron oxide pigments, producing the look and feel of natural stone.

Cultured Stoneª brand products should not be assumed to add to the load bearing capacity of a wall. Product should not be used below water level, such as in swimming pool liners. Chlorine and other chemicals may discolor the Cultured Stoneª veneer product and other masonry materials. Product should not be used in areas vulnerable to slush formed by chemicals used to melt ice or snow. Install a minimum of 4" (102 mm) above grade or 2" (51 mm) above pavement. Hearthstones are not recommended or warranted for exterior use or as a surface area subject to foot or auto traffic.

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