Sika Diamag 7 is an economical, mineral shake-applied surface hardener. It contains carefully graded, hard wearing particles, which provide an exceptionally durable surface. Special dispersing and plasticizing agents promote ease of incorporation into the concrete surface. Sika Diamag 7 is premixed and ready-to-use

  • Easy application.
  • High resistance to abrasion.
  • Improves impact resistance.
  • Higher surface density than plain concrete.
  • Improves resistance to oils, greases, and some industrial chemicals.
  • Saves time and labour costs.
  • Lowers maintenance requirements.
  • Reduces surface dust.
  • Provides a slip-resistant surface when properly finished.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance.

Designed for use in industrial and commercial flooring exposed to moderate levels of abrasion, impact and loading. Suitable for both interior and exterior exposures.
Applications include:

  • Storerooms and change rooms.
  • Food processing areas.
  • Manufacturing plants, electrical equipment rooms.
  • Roller rinks/Ice rinks.
  • Service areas, warehouses, supermarkets, etc.
  • Warehouse floors.
  • Loading docks.
  • Hangers.

Plain concrete floors do not offer the type of abrasion and impact resistance required in modern manufacturing environments. They can be a source of dust, premature wear and are relatively porous allowing penetrations by chemicals and pollutants of all sorts. Sika Canada Inc. has developed an extensive line of floor hardener and ancillary products that improve the performance of plain concrete floors. Sika floor hardeners increase concrete density as well as abrasion and impact resistance on the wearing surface. This results in a measurable upgrade in durability of three to eight times over plain concrete. Ultimately, this means your floor will have a longer life cycle, free of costly repairs and inconvenient shutdowns.

How it works

Sika combines carefully selected aggregates, Portland cement and wetting agents into a dry powder blend. During the concrete finishing process this powder is broadcast onto the concrete surface and “floated” in, creating a new fully bonded layer. This layer has a lower water/cement ratio and coats the face of the floor with durable aggregates, creating a superior wear resistant surface.

Factors to consider

There are three key variables to consider when selecting a floor hardener. Aggregate type, interlocked gradation and application rate, work together to produce a range of floor hardener applications. Sika floor hardeners combine these factors to produce wearing surfaces for industrial, commercial and institutional floors, whether light, medium or heavy-duty in-service conditions exist.

  • Not recommended for areas where exposure to oxidizing, mineral and organic acids is likely.
  • Certain admixtures such as Calcium Chloride and/or admixtures containing Calcium Chloride and high range water reducing admixtures should not be used in concrete on which hardeners are to be applied.
  • Do not apply over concrete containing more than 3% entrained air.
  • For application on slabs containing fly ash or slag, contact your Sika Representative for unique application procedures or precautions.

Contains cement and silica sand which may, in certain cases, cause skin irritation. Avoid breathing dust. Use only with adequate ventilation. In confined areas, use of a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator is recommended. Consult product label for additional information.

See Technical Information for More Details

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