Diamond Cup Wheel 5"


Northland 5" Single Row Diamond Cup Wheel. These cup wheels are the traditional "cup-grinding wheel", designed for the removal, shaping, and smoothing of concrete, masonry, an stone aggregates.

  • Single Row Cup Wheels allow for fast removal 
  • Cup wheels are the most efficient way to grind all types of concrete, masonry, brick, block, stone and ideal for beveling, smoothing and shaping. 
  • Wet or dry applications
  • Removing, shaping, and smoothing concrete, masonry and stone aggregates.
  • Use single row cup wheels for faster removal of materials, including, cured concrete, masonry, brick, block, paver, green concrete, asphalt and stone
  • Can be used on any right angle grinders
  • 5" threaded cup wheel
  • Size: 5"x5/8"-11
  • Max RPM: 12,200
  • Item: Lackmond SG5SN
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