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Dexpan Expansive Demolition Grout Type 3 - 44lbs (-5 to 10 Degrees Celsius)


Dexpan is a non-explosive demolition agent that’s used to break concrete, rock and boulders. It provides a simple, safe and cost-effective alternative to explosives, jack-hammering and heavy machinery. Available in three types (type 1,2, or 3) based primarily on the temperature of the material to be broken. The ambient temperature (expected low, high) and weather forecast for outside projects should also be considered when deciding which Dexpan type is best for your needs.

All three types of Dexpan come in two sizes (11lbs or 44lbs) to best suit the scale of your project. Drill, mix, and pour! Dexpan can be applied in 3 easy steps.

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