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Flannel Coloured Wiping Cloth - 10lbs


Cleancloth's production workers process cotton and cotton blend material by touching and observing each article of material to ensure proper identification of material type and specifications.  Cleancloth's products are cut from recycled clothing and are more absorbent than products made from new material.  New material has absorbent-resistant qualities that are eventually lost, but only through several washings.  Many paper products are promoted as “most cloth-like” – and that’s why we suggest purchasing cloth in the first place.

Super-sized wiping cloths will result in additional costs for you due to inconvenience and excessive wastage, therefore Cleancloth's maximum wiping cloth size will be approximately 20” x 27” and the smallest size will be roughly the area covered by two large hands. .

Cleancloth's products are subjected to four separate inspections in the recycling process.  This painstaking process is to assure consistent quality of product, free from foreign objects such as pins, buttons, tags, hooks, staples, etc.  It is Cleancloth's mandate to produce consistently high quality, worry-free products.

  • Absorbs Water
  • Grease and oil
  • Polishing
  • Buffing
  • Low Lint
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