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Beaver Plastics

Part # 44100

FROST CUSHION VOID FORM is manufactured from inert closed cell expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.). It is used under concrete grade beams, forming voids to compensate for frost and moisture-induced swelling of underlying soils that might otherwise lift or fracture the concrete structure. FROST CUSHION will not collapse due to water absorption. It resists soil movement into the void space. FROST CUSHION has excellent resistance to freeze/thaw and has low moisture absorption properties. It is not biodegradable and has no pest nutrient value. APPLICATIONS FROST CUSHION VOID FORM can be used under grade beams and other structural concrete members. It will support a total working load equivalent to the weight of of 3 feet (1000 mm) of concrete.Beaver Plastics Ltd. is registered by the International Standards Organization (ISO) under the ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Program. This is a set of standards and criteria which is internationally recognized as an assurance of product quality and consistency.


Specifications and Compliances
Chemical Properties

Expanded polystyrene should not be exposed to volatile hydrocarbons, such as fuels, oils, gasoline, and some alcohols. Anhydrous acids, such as sulfuric, glacial and formic acid may also attack expanded polystyrene. Consult with Beaver Plastics for more detailed information.

Health and the Environment

FROST CUSHION is one of the few foam plastic materials available that contains absolutely no CFCs, HCFCs, or other refrigerant gases. The ozone depletion potential is zero. FROST CUSHION is non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, and will not irritate sensitive skin on exposure.

Flammability Characteristics

FROST CUSHION VOID FORM contains a chemical additive to inhibit accidental ignition from a small fire source. This additive, however, will not prevent burning when the material is exposed to a large continuous fire source or intense heat. Observe normal fire precautions and good housekeeping methods during application.