PVC WATERSTOP - TYPE 709 - 9" X 3/8"



The most versatile design of waterstop available. The centerbulb accommodates transverse, lateral and shear movements. Larger centerbulbs will accommodate greater movements mechanically without significantly stressing the material. Ribbed styles have superior sealing capabilities over dumbbell style waterstops.

  • Multi-ribbed sections provide optimum sealing characteristics.
  • High quality PVC for long durability.
  • Manufactured by Sika Greenstreak from only prime resins and all virgin raw materials.
  • Suitable for high water pressure.
  • Great inherent elasticity.
  • Heat weldable, avoiding flames and fixings.
  • Factory-produced cross sections available.
  • Suitable for above or below grade applications.
  • Broad selection to accommodate design demands.
  • Available in Artic Grade.
  • Resistant to many waterborne chemicals.
    • permanent: water, seawater, sewage, road salt solutions.
    • temporary: diluted inorganic alkalis, mineral acids and mineral oils.

For more details, please consult the latest PDS and MSDS on the vendor's website: www.sika.ca

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