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GSK PVC - #777 - 17" x 5/32" - 25' roll



Use at joints of slab-on-grab or walls that will be back filled. This design is easy to form and ensures accurate functional placement.

  • Multi-ribbed sections provide optimum sealing characteristics.
  • High quality PVC for long durability.
  • Manufactured by Sika Greenstreak from only prime resins and all virgin raw materials.
  • Suitable for high water pressure.
  • Great inherent elasticity.
  • Heat weldable, avoiding flames and fixings.
  • Factory-produced cross sections available.
  • Suitable for above or below grade applications.
  • Broad selection to accommodate design demands.
  • Available in Artic Grade.
  • Resistant to many waterborne chemicals.
    • permanent: water, seawater, sewage, road salt solutions.
    • temporary: diluted inorganic alkalis, mineral acids and mineral oils.

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