Hairpin™ Wheel Spacer Extender

Foundation Technologies

Hairpin™ rebar spacer extenders are used in tandem with the ShaftSpacer® wheel in order to achieve eccentric spacing requirements and/or meet seismic design considerations.

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• Customizable to suit any project challenge

• Insures the bar reinforcement is properly spaced and aligned within the confines of the drilled shaft or excavation

• Provides quality assurance for the contractor and owner of the sub-contractor’s performance

• Provides quality assurance for the engineer and owner of the contractor’s performance

• Installs quickly and easily requiring only unskilled labor

• Increases job profitability because skilled labor is released for more demanding tasks

• Has low labor requirements resulting in project cost savings.

• Saves time & money onsite

• Easy to install

• Lightweight, yet strong, durable

• Engineered with the contractor in mind

• Excellent guide system for placement of fabricated rebar cages into drilled or excavated shafts

• Economical with minimal installation costs

• Bridge Foundations

• Building Foundations

• Retaining Wall Foundations

• Street Light Foundations

• High Mast Foundations

• Transmission Line Foundations

• Sub-station Foundations

• Tower Foundations

• Slurry Walls

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