Retractable, SLR, Edge Angel c/w Shock Pack, 30FT, #10925CSA


Heavy Duty, or HD, Edge Series SRLs, manufactured by Guardian Fall Protection, may be ordered in lengths from 20-65 (6.1-19.8 m), and are specially designed for use in Leading Edge (LE) fall arrest applications. These models are integrated with a shock absorbing component that allows them to be used positioned below the harness dorsal D-ring, and have their lifelines potentially exposed to impact with the edge of a roof or other surface. While it is always best to avoid lifeline contact with any edge or surface, sometimes it is a necessity of the job, and Norguards HD Edge Series SRLs are made for just such occasions. All HD Edge Series SRLs are compliant with both Canadian and USA fall protection standards, including CSA Z259.2.2-98, ANSI, and OSHA.
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