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Kerapoxy CQ-Biscuit-945Ml-1Qt


Mapei Kerapoxy - Premium epoxy mortar and grout. Kerapoxy is a premium-grade, water-cleanable, 100%-solids, high-strength epoxy mortar and chemical-resistant non-sagging grout system. Available in all MAPEI colors for grouting, Kerapoxy is excellent for countertops, high-traffic areas, and areas needing stain and chemical resistance.
  • Stain-free*
  • No sealer required
  • Water-cleanable

* With immediate cleaning and proper maintenance, Kerapoxy stain-free grout is resistant to staining when exposed to most common household goods and cleaning agents. Long-term exposure to any material can increase the potential for staining grout.

As a Mortar

  • For setting interior floors and walls
  • For exterior installations (contact MAPEI’s Technical Services Department)
  • For setting most ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles, acid-resistant floor brick, pavers and natural-stone tile**
  • For the installation of moisture-sensitive natural stone and their agglomerates. When setting light-colored marble, which can be stained by epoxy, use white Granirapid®, white Ultraflex™ RS or white Ultracontact ™ RS.**
  • For residential wall, floor and countertop installations
  • For installations in areas subject to high water use or submerged conditions (such as gang showers, pools, spas and fountains)
  • For industrial, commercial and institutional installations with high mortar requirements, see Chemical Resistance chart in this document.
    Contact MAPEI’s Technical Services Department for additional information regarding applications

As a Grout

  • For grouting most ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles; acid-resistant floor brick; pavers; and natural-stone tile**
  • For grouting interior residential and commercial floor/wall applications
  • For grouting exterior residential and commercial floor applications (contact MAPEI’s Technical Services Department)
  • For industrial, commercial and institutional installations with high-strength, chemical resistant and non-sagging grout requirements, see Chemical Resistance chart in this document.
  • For heavy traffic areas such as subway stations, shopping malls and airport terminal buildings
  • For areas requiring stain-resistant grout such as countertops, vanities and laboratory tabletops

** Marble, granite and slate are products of nature made from a vast combination of minerals and chemicals that may cause the material to behave or react in a manner beyond our control. Likewise, we do not have control over any of the materials and process used in the manufacturing of agglomerates. Therefore, determine the suitability of all the materials before proceeding with the installation.

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