Mapelastic HPG - 1Gal (3.78 Lt)


Mapei Flexible Waterproofing and Crack-Isolation Membrane. Mapelastic HPG is a next-generation, ready-to-use liquid membrane suited for concrete, masonry, cement board and engineer-approved, exterior-grade plywood. It is designed for both commercial and residential use. It can be applied to interior horizontal and vertical surfaces using a trowel or roller, and is a highly flexible acrylic-based membrane. Sold by the pail.

  • Mapelastic HPG has excellent compatibility with cement-based bonding materials.
  • It can accommodate minor in-plane substrate movement and also can be used as a crack-isolation membrane (when used with MAPEI's Fiberglass Mesh ).
  • When used with this mesh, Mapelastic HPG is IAPMO-approved and meets ANSI A118.10 standards for use as a shower-pan liner.
  • Ceramic and porcelain tile, and natural stone. For interior and exterior waterproofing vertically and horizontally behind tile- and stone-bonded applications in pools, pool decks, spas, steam showers, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, balcony and plaza decks, catwalks and building facades. Mapelastic HPG has exceptional performance in applications subject to freeze/thaw, immersion and temperature fluctuation.
  • Concrete repair and protection. As a thin-coat waterproofing protective system over existing or repaired concrete substrates. Once cured, Mapelastic HPG can be covered with a concrete slab or cement-based topping or screed. It also can be covered with acrylic coatings in nonload-bearing applications. It is outstanding for applications mentioned above as well as for walls (including tilt-up walls), precast and post-tensioned concrete, steps and stairways.
  • Use as a crack-isolation membrane over an existing in-plane crack up to 1/8" (3 mm) and for handling up to 1/8" (3 mm) additional in-plane movement when applied at the appropriate application thickness and system (see Section 3.4). Mapelastic HPG is compatible with a number of MAPEI's TSIS and CRS products.
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