Metal Lath Expanded 2.5 Galv 27" x 96" (sheet)


(Available In Western Canada NCA Locations Only)

Metal Lath is a product that was developed many years ago to replace wooden strip lath as a structural base for gypsum plaster or portland cement stucco.

Manufactured from prime quality steel sheets that are slit and expanded to form small diamond shaped openings (over 10,000 per square yard).This large number of openings provides more plaster keys than any other type of lathing material. This allows for better stucco bonding in either pumped or troweled applications. Each sheet has square ends and smooth parallel edges for fast, easy handling and installation; and can be readily bent for curved surfaces.

  • Diamond Mesh Lath
  • Nominal sheet size 27” x 96” (2-1/4' x 8')
  • All diamond mesh lath is produced from hot dip galvanized steel per ASTM A653, A924 and C847.
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