Multiform Type 2 - 398/3025

BT Innovation

  • Height (h): 398 mm
  • Length (l): 3025 mm
  • Witdh (b): 250 mm
  • Weight: 32,80 kg
  • Material: QST380

  • Fast, simple and exact positioning by magnets with MagFly®-Technology
  • High-quality, fully-galvanized support system for quick, easy and precise shuttering
  • Recommended formwork heights from x+2 mm up to x+102 mm
  • Reduction in working time and material when constructing new shuttering
  • The light weight means ease of handling, in most cases entirely without a crane
  • Magnets and shuttering supports are not
  • Endless length by simple overlapping of ply wood permanently connected together, which simplifies handling and allows for flexible use
  • With the corresponding accessories, MultiForm can be used on the widest variety of basic shuttering systems, e.g. on table forms and tilting tables, circulating pallets, stairway formwork, wooden surfaces and much more
  • Easily cuttable
  • Fast, simple and exact positioning by magnets with MagFly®-technology
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