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North High Gloss VOC 18.93-L

WR Meadows


North High Gloss (VOC) Compliant is an economical, high solids formulation of acrylic polymers and a quick-evaporating solvent that effectively cures and seals freshly placed concrete.

  • For curing and sealing newly placed concrete, for both vertical and horizontal exterior applications.
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications such as sidewalks, patios, driveways and multi-level parking decks.
  • Provides a durable finish that increases resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, de-icing salts and abrasion.
  • Retains mix water in concrete to permit complete hydration of the cement paste for hard, dense concrete.
  • Helps minimize hair-checking, thermal cracking, dusting and other defects.
  • Provides excellent moisture retention with the added benefit of being a breathable / permeable film.
  • Can be re-coated after thorough cleaning of the existing surface.
  • Use only when concrete surfaces are above 5°C (40°F) and only after all surface water sheen has disappeared.
  • Allow 24 hours before application in very high humidity conditions.
  • Will temporarily darken concrete, lightens to normal concrete colour in 6 to 12 months.
  • Keep vapours away from foodstuffs.
  • Flammable - keep away from heat and open flame.
  • Apply without dilution or thinning VOC content of product.
  • ASTM C309, Type 1, Class A & B.
  • ASTM C1315 Type 1, Class A.
  • AASHTO M148, Type 1, Class B.
  • Complies with Canada VOC Concentration Limits for Architectural Coatings Regulations – concrete curing compound category of 350 g/L.
  • Coverage Broomed surface 4.91m²/L (150 ft.²/gal.)
  • Troweled surface up to 6.2 m²/L (250 ft.²/gal.)
  • Coverage is approximate and depends on the porosity of the surface.

New Concrete
Apply as soon as all surface water has disappeared and the concrete surface will not be marred by walking workers.

Should not be applied to concrete exposed to excessive/continuous moisture. Apply only after all bleed water has disappeared as excessive/continuous moisture in the concrete may cause the film to peel and/or turn white (blush).

Existing Concrete 
Surface to receive sealer must be dry and free of contaminants. Remove all stains or discolourations.

Application Equipment
Apply by low pressure sprayer equipped with Viton hose and gaskets . . an 80° fan pattern spray tip rated at 1.8 litres per minute provides an excellent even coating.

Additional coats may be applied once a previous coat has dried. Avoid puddling in low areas. Restrict foot traffic for at least 4 hours; 12 hours is preferable.

Clean up
Clean tools after use with a solvent such as Xylene or Toluol.

Contains solvent. Use with adequate ventilation and avoid prolonged breathing of vapours that may cause dizziness or suffocation. Avoid contact with skin and/or eyes. See product label and Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information. Read and follow all instructions and precautions. Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

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