Northtube 24" x 12'


Easy-Pour Concrete Forms are the fast, modern way to pour perfect, cylindrical columns of concrete. They provide a round column at less cost than a comparable rectangular form.

Easy-pour forms are available in both Regular and Light wall construction. Regular wall is recommended for most column work but Light wall can be safely and economically used for footings on columns up to 3.7 meters in height. The easy-pour form provides a finished surface on the column, largely eliminating the cost of additional finishing work. Easy-pour forms are light in weight and can easily be carried and sawed to the desired length at the construction site.

Architectural Uses
Round concrete columns add beauty as well as support strength to any structure. They complement any architectural style and can be finished to blend with any decor – tile, paint, terrazzo or other decorative finishes.

Structural Use
Easy-pour concrete forms are ideally suited to shaping columnar structural supports for piers, foundations, stacks, floors, piles, bridges, etc. They may also be used to enclose existing steel posts or columns in concrete. Easy-pour forms are available from 150 mm to 1500 mm inside diameter Wall thicknesses for both Regular and Light wall forms are engineered in relation to inside diameter up to a tube length of 12 meters or any length which can be transported by common carrier.

Concrete can be poured into Easy-pour fiber forms at normal rates by any conventional method – hopper, chute or wheelbarrow. It can be vibrated during the pour as required without damage to the form. Form should be braced at top and bottom. Slump should not exceed 150 mm. Increased rates of pour can be tolerated in an emergency if close inspection is maintained at bottom of form for any weakness.

Strong Easy-pour forms require only a minimum of bracing. Light lumber or scaffolding easily holds forms plumb for pouring. Collars may be used at the column foot if desired. Also, forms may be tied to scaffolding for proper bracing.

Curing and Finishing
Proper curing of concrete columns is assured with Easy-pour fiber forms. These forms prevent the loss of moisture in the concrete due to seepage, absorption and evaporation.

Storing Easy-pour forms at the job site requires only minimum precautions.

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