Planicrete Ua 3.78-L



Mapei Planicrete UA, Universal Latex Additive Planicrete UA is a next-generation, water-based, one-component, concentrated liquid latex admixture used to enhance the performance of several MAPEI products, including mortar mixes. Using Planicrete UA as part of the designated design mixes will increase product performance in the areas of bond, flexural and tensile strengths in addition to increased durability and enhanced workability

  • Increases bond strength
  • Improves flexural strength
  • Improves work ability by eliminating premature evaporation of mix water; ensures better curing and a stronger, more durable repair
  • Use as an admixture for horizontal, vertical exterior and interior concrete repairs and concrete toppings. When mixed with cementitious materials, Planicrete UA is suitable for properly prepared pre-cast, cast-in-place, post-tensioned and pre-stressed concrete repair

LEED Points Contribution                                              LEED Points
MR Credit 5, Regional Materials*................................ Up to 2 points
IEQ Credit 4.2, Low-Emitting
Materials – Paints & Coatings.................................................1 point

* Using this product may help contribute to LEED certification of projects in the categories shown above. Points are awarded based on contributions of all project materials.

  • Use in mortar mixes for interior or exterior applications.
  • Use to enhance applications of Concrete Renew™ and Concrete Renew Fine.
  • Use to create decorative surface finishes in a variety of colors when combined with Keracolor™ U or Ultracolor ® Plus in a micro-topping application.
  • Use to enhance the performance of mortars in thin finishing applications, such as micro-toppings, refinishing walkways, patios and parking decks. Applications should subsequently be sealed to provide additional durability and maintain cleanliness.
  • Use to enhance patch performance, bond and flexural properties of Mapecem® Quickpatch.
  • Use with products to enhance cosmetic repairs on ramps, beams and columns.
  • Concrete substrate and ambient temperatures must be between 45°F and 95°F (7°C and 35°C) before application.
  • When adding Planicrete UA to Concrete Renew, Concrete Renew Fine, Mapecem Quickpatch, MAPEI’s 4 to 1™ mortar mix, and alternate mortar mixes, follow product instructions as indicated in the products’ Technical Data Sheets (TDSs).
  • When adding to Keracolor U or Ultracolor Plus, follow the product instructions below. Do not use with Keracolor S.
  • Use only with the specified MAPEI products and mortar mixes.
    Do not apply over any substrates containing asbestos.

See Technical Information for More Details.

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