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Planitop XS 22.7KG



Planitop XS is an extended-working-time variation of Planitop X. Shrinkage compensated, fiber-reinforced, polymer-modified and containing a proprietary corrosion inhibitor, Planitop XS features Planitop X's outstanding workability and versatility. Ideal for a wide variety of vertical, overhead and horizontal concrete repairs, Planitop XS can be applied from featheredge to 4" (10 cm) per lift. Planitop XS dries to a light gray color, blending well with most concrete surfaces. Mapei Planitop XS is available in 50lb bags.

  • Easy to use, requiring only the addition of potable mixing water or Planicrete ® AC
  • Extended working time, with fast curing to reduce downtime and return to service issues. Offers double the working time of Planitop X
  • Excellent compressive and flexural strength
  • Sculptable after initial set
  • Higher resistance to abrasion than ordinary mortars
  • Tenacious adhesion to existing properly prepared concrete
  • Shrinkage-compensated to reduce cracking problems
  • Excellent resistance to freeze/thaw cycling and de-icing salts
  • Easy workability to allow blending of the patch into the surrounding area
  • Light gray color to resemble originally placed concrete
  • Renovation of cast-in-place, precast, tilt-up and post-tensioned concrete structures such as galleries, tunnels, bridges, overpasses, retaining walls, beams, building facades, parking garages, ceilings and balconies
  • Treatment of blemishes and defects in concrete surfaces, such as the filling of honeycombs, voids, cavities and rigid joints
  • Repair of surfaces exposed to high abrasion: canals, industrial floors, curbs, ramps, roads and sidewalks

See Technical Information for More Details and Application Instructions.

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