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Primer T - 1 Gal Unit



Primer T is a low-VOC, water-based acrylic primer that enhances the performance and adhesion of self-leveling underlayments (SLUs) on nonabsorbent surfaces such as ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile (VCT), epoxy moisture barriers and adhesive residue, as well as profiled, absorbent surfaces. Suitable for a wide variety of substrates, Primer T combines excellent versatility with an easy, low-odor application.

  • One-component, versatile primer for a wide variety of substrate conditions
  • Low-odor and VOC compliance for safe use in interior, occupied environments
  • Single-coat application for faster turnaround and lower installation costs
  • Easy handling and application
  • Ideal primer for use with the SLUs Ultraplan® Easy and Novoplan® Easy

LEED (Version 3.0) Points Contribution LEED Points

  • MR Credit 5, Regional Materials*................................ Up to 2 points
  • IEQ Credit 4.2, Low-Emitting
  • Materials – Paints & Coatings.................................................1 point

* Using this MAPEI product helps contribute to LEED certification of projects in the categories shown above. Points are awarded based on contributions of all project materials.

  • Use over properly prepared ceramic tile, VCT, natural stone or exteriorgrade plywood substrate before applying SLUs or cementitious adhesives.
  • Use over substrates that have residue of well-bonded old cutback adhesive, floor-covering adhesive or polyurethane adhesive.
  • Use before application of self-leveling underlayments over properly prepared sound and stable concrete substrates, whether smooth and nonabsorbent or profiled and absorbent.
  • Do not install over any substrates containing asbestos.
  • Substrate and ambient temperatures must be between 50°F and 95°F (10 C and 35°C).
  • Protect from freezing.
  • Test concrete substrate using a calcium chloride test (ASTM F1869) to ensure moisture vapor emissions rate is below 5 lb per 1,000 sq. ft. (2,27 kg per 92,9 m2) per 24 hours.
  • Verify substrate is free of bond-inhibiting or bond-breaking materials such as curing compounds and dust.
  • For use only in dry, interior environments. Do not apply on wet substrates.
  • Use undiluted over moisture-stable, exterior-grade plywood.
  • Use undiluted over dense, nonabsorbent surfaces, such as floor-covering adhesive residue, and properly prepared ceramic tile and VCT.
  • Dilute product for application over absorbent, porous substrates 1:1 to 2:1 (water:primer).
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