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Sigma 3C Tile Cutter


Part # 3C

3C-Diagonal 28" (20x20 diagonal) Sigma Tile Cutter, with innovative design that allows highly accurate diagonal cutting to be made. Engineered from solid aluminum alloy and steel, Sigma tile cutters are lightweight, easy to use and extremely accurate, allowing them to be used on a variety of materials including glass mosaic, porcelain, pavers, quarry, saltio, as well as a variety of marble and granite tiles.


Features and Benefits

  • Weighs only 28 pounds
  • Easy grip pull handle
  • Allows thick materials to be easily cut
  • Diamond scoring wheel
  • Spring loaded, borad table that can support a vaiety of tile sizes,and ensures the perfect support of the tile during cutting
  • Adjustable height allows most tiles available today to be accurately cut.
  • Dual adjustable spring loaded bars
  • Swiveling measurement bar is equipped with measurements and rotates through 45° in both directions as well as pivots at the center of the cutting line, which allows the measurements to be correctly obtained.
  • A 45° second swiveling measurement bar is used to determine the length of the diagonal
  • The chrome finish of the steel bar guarantees smooth movement of the handle.
  • Angles between -45 to +45 degrees
  • Angle locking mechanism


  • Used to cut porcelain, pavers, quarry, glass mosaic and certain types of marble and granite.


  • Cutting Length: 28"
  • Diagonal Cutting LengthL 20"x20"
  • Cutting Thickness: Cuts materials up to 1-1/2" thick
  • Weight: 28 lbs