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Sika AnchorFix-3001 is a two component, pure epoxy anchoring adhesive. Using high quality, low-VOC and styrene-free technology, Sika AnchorFix-3001 has been specifically designed to provide a high-strength, user-friendly and versatile adhesive for use in dry, wet or flooded conditions and on or into numerous base materials. The anchoring adhesive is suitable for medium and heavy loads in both structural and non-structural applications.

  • Suitable for use in wet or damp holes.
  • Insensitive to moisture before, during, and after cure.
  • Suitable for use in severe weather locations.
  • Freeze-thaw resistant.
  • Low odour.
  • Unique, non-abrasive texture permits application with automated pressure injection equipment.
  • Excellent adhesion to masonry, concrete, wood, steel and most structural materials.
  • Paste consistency ideal for vertical and overhead applications.
  • Fast-setting and strength-producing adhesive.
  • Easy-to-mix 1:1 ratio.
  • Excellent lubrication for deep penetration.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: ANSI/NSF Standard 61 approved for potable water contact
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: Meets ASTM C881, Types I, II*, IV, V*; Grade 3; Classes A, B and C.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA: has acceptance of the Ministry of Transport of Ontario.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: Meets ASTM C881, Types I, II, IV, V; Grade 3; Classes A, B and C.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: Ministère des Transports du Québec acceptance
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA:meet USDA specifications for use in food processing areas.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA: V.O.C compliant and passed ICC-ES-AC58 (Sec 5.3.3)  ASTM E1512 (Sec. 7.1. & 7.5) Elevated Temperature Creep Test.

* Except Gel Tim

  • Mechanical grouting bolts dowel, pins, special fasteners, machine and “robotic” base plates, bearing pads, etc.
  • Waterproofing tunnels, cable vaults, tanks, basements, etc.
  • Re-anchoring of veneer masonry.
  • Wood-truss repairs.
  • Preventive maintenance - Grout large cracks on new or existing structure to seal off reinforcing steel from the elements of corrosion.
  • Cap sealing and port setting.
  • Pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete.
  • Bonding irregular surfaces.
  • "Pick Proof" Sealant.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA are pure epoxy resins and therefore conditioning of the product to suitable temperatures, especially in colder conditions, (see guidance within Technical Data) is important to the ease of dispensing.
  • Minimum substrate temperature must be 5°C (40°F).
  • Minimum age of concrete must be 3 to 7 days, depending on curing and drying conditions
  • Do not thin; solvents will prevent proper cure.
  • Do not allow mixed epoxy to reside in static mixing head or mixer for more than 5 minutes or gelation and blockage may result.
  • Sika® AnchorFix®-3CA and Sika® AnchorFix®-4CA are vapour barriers after cure.

Component A - Prolonged contact to skin may cause irritation. Avoid eye contact.

Component B - Contact with skin may cause severe burns. Avoid eye contact. Product is a strong sensitizer.

The use of safety goggles and chemical-resistant gloves is recommended. Avoid breathing vapours. Use adequate ventilation. The use of NIOSH/MSHA organic vapour respirator is recommended. Consult product label for more information.

See Technical Information for More Details

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