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Part # 93311

SikaGrout 212 SR is a sulfate resistant fluid grout.


Features and Benefits

  • Pre-blended for easy application and maximum field control. Just add water, mix and place.
  • Versatile, can be applied in any consistency from dry pack to fluid.
  • Non-corrosive does not contain chlorides.
  • Formulated with inert, non-reactive aggregates to eliminate potential Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity (AAR).
  • Excellent pumpability - does not segregate even at high flow; no build-up on equipment hopper.
  • Low heat development.
  • Superior freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Ministry of Transport Ontario approval for use in grouting bridge bearings as well as anchor bars. (Reports MI-110, MI-120 respectively).
  • Meets Ontario Hydro specification M-690-87 for pumping through grout pump and hoses for a distance of up to 60 m (196 ft).
  • Ministère des Transports du Québec acceptance for grouting anchor bolts and reinforcing dowels in concrete.
  • Approved by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation
  • Meets H. A. Simons grout specification 1S-05.01 for grout types 1, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3 and 4.
  • Meets ASTM C 1107 for Grade C type grouts.
  • Meets requirements of CAN/CSA-A23.1-04 for very severe sulphate exposure (class 5-1).


  • On grade, above and below grade, interior and exterior applications.
  • Structural grouting of column base plates, machine base plates, anchor bolts, bearing plates, bridge seats, precast wall panels.


  • Maintain wet grout, ambient and substrate temperatures between 5° - 32°C (41° - 89 F) for a period of 72 hours after placing, unless using Sikacem® Accelerator in mix (refer to Technical Data section).
  • SikaGrout® 212 and 212 SR must be protected from freezing during setting.
  • Minimum application thickness (neat without additional aggregate): 25 mm (1 in).
  • Maximum application thickness (neat without additional aggregate): 150 mm (6 in). Deeper applications are possible with the addition of suitable aggregate. Please contact Sika’s Technical Services.
  • For anchor bolt/dowel grouting, hole diameter should be 25 mm (1 in) greater than bar diameter.
  • Anchor bolt/bar holes should be pre-dampened for a period of 1 hour prior to grouting. Holes must be in saturated surface dry (SSD) condition at time of grouting.
  • Do not use as a patching or overlay mortar or in unconfined areas.


Contains cement and silica sand which may in certain cases, cause skin and eye irritation. Avoid breathing dust. Use only with adequate ventilation. In confined areas, use of a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator is recommended. Consult product label for additional information.

See Technical Information for More Details

Data Sheet