Sikacem Accelerator. Hardening, accelerating admixture for cementitous concretes, mortars and grouts. Sikacem Accelerator is a non-chloride hardening accelerator formulated to increase the early strength of concrete, mortars and grouts without affecting the initial workability. Sikacem Accelerator meets the requirements of ASTM C 494 Type C accelerating admixtures, and AASHTO M 194 Type C.

  • May be used with SikaGrout® 212, SikaGrout® 212 HP and SikaGrout 300® PT grouts
  • May be used with SikaQuick 1000, Sikacrete®-08 SCC and SikaTop® 111/121/122/123 PLUS repair mortars
  • Early stripping and re-use of forms.
  • Faster finishing operations on flatwork surfaces.
  • Effective with Type GU, Type MS, and Type HE cements.
  • Increases early strengths and allows faster repairs.
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency acceptance.
  • High Early Strength Concrete: Sikacem® Accelerator delivers excellent results in normal and hot weather conditions where very high early strengths are required. Conventional accelerators promote early stiffening of the concrete, making it unworkable within a short period of time. Sikacem® Accelerator is designed for applications where early stiffening (slump loss) is not desirable but high early strengths must be obtained within a specified time.

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