Sopraseal Stick Tape TC Summer - 2 18" x 22.9m



The SOPRASEAL STICK 1100T air/vapour barrier membrane is made from SBS modified bitumen and a three-ply polyethylene woven complex. It is used as an air/vapour barrier membrane on gypsum panels and concrete blocks, and as a transition membrane. To ensure sealing of various openings, such as window contours, you can also obtain SOPRASEAL STICK 1100T in cut rolls. SOPRASEAL STICK 1100T is compatible with most types of insulations. It is self-sealing, which enables mechanically fastened insulating panels to be installed. It is also an ideal surface for sprayed polyurethane foam-based insulations.

To obtain perfect adhesion for SOPRASEAL STICK 1100T, the substrate should be prepared using ELASTOCOL STICK or ELASTOCOL STICK H2O primer.

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