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Spectrum 920 - Charcoal

WR Meadows


SPECTRUM 920 Powder Stamp Release is a blend of natural and synthetic chemicals formulated to provide quick,easy and clean release of polyurethane stamping mats and texturing tools from concrete surfaces.By using Stamp Release,workers are able to create a two-toned color look to their project,known as "antiquing" as it highlights the surface,which is essential to the finished appearance of the decorative project.Stamp Release is broadcast across the entire surface that is to be stamped and brushed on the stamping mat or texturing tools,to ensure that the coloured highlights become impregnated into the concrete surface during stamping. Sold by the bag.

  • Acts as a bond breaker, and also adds a secondary color to decorative concrete surfaces.
  • Ensures the safe and efficient release of concrete tools. Minimizes the wear and tear to decorative concrete tools
  • Creates a unique two-toned "antique" look to any project
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
    • Black, Blue/Grey, Buff, Charcoal, Clay, Copper Brown, Dark Brown, French Grey, Green, Green/Grey, Light Grey, Medium Brown, Plum, Sandy Buff, Tan, Taupe, Terracotta, Tile Red
    • Due to the many factors affecting the finished colour of concrete surfaces, such as weather, cement type and supplier, the shades shown in the chart will vary with field application. Always do an onsite sample under actual job conditions with the specified concrete mix design.

Powder Stamp Release is used on fresh concrete surfaces as a bond beaker and a coloring agent.

  • Shelf Life: 1 year in an unopened container, stored in a dry area away from moisture
  • Available in 30lb (13.6kg) Units
  • Coverage: On average will yield 69.7-92.9m² (750-1000 ft² ), or 0.17-0.19kg/m² (3.5-4 lbs/100 ft² ) of coverage per pail. Coverage will vary depending on the desired result.

Surface Preparation
Liberally apply the Powder Release by broadcasting the material all over the concrete surface. Ensure that the surface is uniformly covered for proper release of the decorative concrete tools. Place the decorative concrete texture or stamping mats over the area that has been covered with the Powder Stamp Release. Using an impact too, ensure that the concrete surface is adequately stamped for depth and texture. Remove the decorative concrete texture mats from the concrete surface. The Powder Stamp Release should remain in a dry state on the concrete surface-the product should not be worked into the surface. Allow the concrete to set for a minimum of 24 hours.

Using a pressure washer and/or a rotary floor machine, clean the concrete surface to remove any excess release agents. Do not attempt to remove excess release agents until the concrete has attained sufficient strength. Premature removal of the release agent may damage the concrete surface.

Seal the concrete surface using Decra-Seal or Decra-Seal W/B from W.R. Meadows. If there is a concern that the surface may be slippery when wet, apply Deck-O-Grip or Sure-Step from W.R. Meadows in the final coat of sealer applied to the concrete surface.

Clean Up
Tools may be cleaned with soap and water

Avoid direct contact with this product as well as inhalation of the dust. If dust is generated, the use of respiratory equipment such as a dust mask is recommended. if contact with the skin or eyes occurs, flush the area with water.

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